BUY, SELL, TRADE and MANAGE the new generation platform for the exchange of goods and services.

What is Tromerce

Tromerce was designed to provide a decentralized marketplace by connecting buyers and sellers on the internet without a third party involved. Tromerce Ecosystem could help various individuals, groups, and non-organizations to facilitate payments, trading, and transfers without your need to sacrificing your privacy. In other words, it will be used for a good cause to help others uplift their lives.

Tromerce is built on top of the Binance Smart Chain and using the smart contract to describe the application logic. It connects P2P with people around the world, trade new and used items without intermediaries, send and receive funds effortlessly.


Data Leaked

Personal information, user data is collected and access without authorized. Centralized services are good targets for hackers and it will cause data leaked.


Lack of Transparency

Centralized services have low transparency due to hiding all process and source code without open to the public.

Cross-border Payment

The user needs to wait 2 to 5 settlement days to get the payment from other countries because the bank requires time to validate and process the payment.


High Commission

Centralized services charge high commission on their platform. Users always earn less money in sales and spend more money on the purchase.


Arbitrary Rules

Centralized marketplaces can change the rules whenever they wish. They can out-rightly choose what content they want without ever having to explain why.

Inconsistent Reputation

Sellers work hard to build their brand recognition and earn a great reputation on centralized website but not able to transfer to another website.



Use blockchain technology to perform and record transactions in a few seconds between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way.

Build the decentralized application that runs exactly as programmed without any chance of fraud, censorship or third-party interference.

Use smart contract to automate many different kinds of processes and operations in the Tromerce marketplace platform.


We offer unique features to the user that sets it apart from the similar competitors. Users can benefit from it in the Tromerce marketplace platform.


You able to earn Tromerce Token by joining and contributing to the Tromerce marketplace.


We build a more trustworthy reputation system using blockchain technology. The reputation is bind to the address and cant be modified.


By using the smart contract, we build a automate dispute system to the buyer or seller when both do not satisfy.


You able to buy and sell your items on the platform. The transactions take just a few minutes and are processed 24/7.


The marketplace is maintained by the community. Everyone has the authority to vote to set or modify the rules and guidelines.

Smart Scan

Scan barcode to find the items instantly. To sell anything scan the barcode to auto-fill the item info.

Atomic Swap

Peer-to-peer exchange of cryptocurrencies from one party to another, without going through a crypto exchange.


We can have a decentralized chat system without the central server to communicate with each other.

Tromerce Blockchain Wallet

Tromerce Wallet is a secure and simple wallet for Binance Coin, Ethereum, BEP20 and ERC20 tokens. It automatically detects everything you hold on your accounts. In a matter of seconds, Tromerce Wallet allows you to receive and track your assets in one place quickly.

– Quickly send and receive Binance Coin, Ethereum, BEP20 and ERC20 tokens.
– Maintain control of your crypto by storing your private keys on your device.
– Protect your crypto by enabling an additional level of security – pin, and biometrics.
– Check balance, history, and other transaction details.
– Backup and restore your wallet from a private key within a few seconds.
– Monitor real-time value of your digital assets in USD.


Tromerce Marketplace

  • Phase 1

    Launch of website and social media

    Launch of the official whitepaper.

    Creation of an overarching marketing
    strategy and multiple partnerships
    with influencers.

    Conceptualization of Tromerce ecosystem.

  • Phase 2

    Launch of Tromerce Token and
    Tromerce V Token.

    Launch of Tromerce Blockchain

    Launch of Tromerce Farm & Stake.
    Pancakeswap listing.

    Diversification into real-world use

  • Phase 3

    Launch of Tromerce Collectible NFT.

    Bscscan Information Update.

    CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap

    Strategy Partnerships with other

    Crowdfunding registration and
    listing in major exchanges.

  • Phase 4

    Launch of Tromerce Marketplace.

    Launch of Tromerce Loan.

    Launch of Tromerce Lucky Ticket.

    Launch of Tromerce Governance.

  • Phase 5

    Launch of Tromerce Swap &

    Launch of Tromerce Super Card.

    Launch of Tromerce Shipping &

    Launch of Tromerce Point Of Sale.


Tromerce is providing the best use case for the future e-commerce and bringing the Marketplace business model to operate on the blockchain.

Read the whitepaper and see why Tromerce’s technology can revolutionize the online marketplace platform.

Tromerce Token $TT

There will be a total supply of 600,000,000 TT. The 55% total of TT 330,000,000 will be listed for crowd sale as part of the private sale, public sale, sale events, and release in crypto exchanges. 270,000,000 TT are reserved by the company for bounties, team compensation, testing, company expenses and to manage rewards in the future.